Wild boar tusk pendant with 925 silver capsule made by hand with special hammered processing. Some small imperfections on color, enamel or vein are caused by normal wear. Every tusk is unique!” Our tusks come from hunting areas of hunting respect and regulated and are exclusively of Italian origin (Toscana).

Each pendant can be purchased individually or with the chains available that you find in the appropriate section (price separate).

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Color: White ivory and silver
Material: Silver sterling 925/1000 not treated galvanized, so if not used can oxidize, but thanks to some technical products on the market it polishes effortlessly and will immediately come back shining.
Depth: ca. 1.3 cm
Height:ca. 1.8 cm
Length: ca. 9.5 cm from the chain loop to the tip of the horn
Production: Made in Italy
Warranty Certificate: A certificate of guarantee is provided that attests to the type of metal the jewel is made of and free of nickel.
Accompanied by gift bag.

Shipment within 2 days of receiving payment.

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Dimensions 9.5 × 1.8 × 1.3 cm


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