On request: beautiful ring with a sure scenic effect made of burnished 925 silver. The characteristic of this Carpa Koi ring is the sanding, in fact it is composed of all separate parts joined together by pins that allow it to give it that effect of movement. Small black stones on the eyes. This is a ring that instills courage and drives bold choices.

Meaning: The koi carp in Japanese culture symbolizes perseverance, courage and strength to overcome adversity. It is a fish that in nature swims against the current and this is interpreted as the strength not to follow the simplest path, but the search for its own way regardless of everything. It is a positive symbol that evokes good luck in general.

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This custom item takes a production time of 30 days, and you must specify the exact measurement at the time of order.
Color: Silver
Material: Silver sterling 925/1000 burnished
Length: 5.5 cm
Height: 1.5 cm
Width: 1.4 cm
Production: Made in Italy
Warranty Certificate: A certificate of guarantee is provided that attests to the type of metal the jewel is made of and free of nickel.
Accompanied by a gift box.

Item to be made to order, payment is to be made in advance. The shipment will take place within 30 days of realization.


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